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Retro Gadgets 4


Retro Gadgets 4 as an in depth sampled collection of the toy keyboards Polywox Faemi mini, Concept 2000, Mix Me DJ, Yamaha PS1 & Stylophone (Woodstyle).
This library does NOT work with the free Kontakt Player!



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Retro Gadgets vol. 4 continuing the popular series with yet another bunch of rare and unique sounding instruments.
We recreated the sounds of these keyboards and also used the potential of the sampler engines to create polyphonic pads, leads etc. based on the core sounds. This technique to use the multisampled keyboard sounds as oscillators gives a more analogue and organic result than using VA oscillators, in our opinion.

Polivox Faemi mini
A very rare organ/synth produced in USSR.

Concept 2000
Some sort of educational keyboard with a plastic edge to the sound.

Mix Me DJ
The complete DJ/Scratch/synth production studio for children containing a lot of lo-fi 8 bit noises.

Yamaha PS1
A great sounding analogue home keyboard from the early 80-ties.

Stylophone Woodstyle
The square version of the cult keyboard from UK with a more snappy sound that the black and white versions.

Retro Gadgets 4 contains:

  • 453 24-bit mono WAV files
  • 42 programs for Kontakt 1+
  • 38 programs for HALion
  • 14 programs in SoundFont format
  • 4 loops in Rx2 (Re-cycle) format

The total size of the library compressed is 184 MB.
All formats are included when you buy Retro Gadgets 4

This library does NOT work with the free Kontakt Player!

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