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Multimonica II


The Multimonica II is a vintage analog synthesizer that combines vacuum tube synthesis with a fan-powered reed organ and is equally at home in electronic and acoustic music.
This library does NOT work with the free Kontakt Player!



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The Hohner Multimonica II was designed by the German engineer Harald Bode in the mid-1950s. A predecessor to the Clavioline tube synthesizer, the Multimonica II combined vacuum tube synthesis with a fan-driven reed organ.

The Multimonicas, like the Solovoxes, were among the earliest analog synthesizers designed and built during the 1940s and 1950s.
The reed section of the Multimonica works like a fan organ, but it is more advanced, with the possibility to adjust the amount of air passing through the reeds. Its multiple registers offer more diverse sounds than a conventional fan organ, including the ability to simulate a traditional accordion.

We sampled both the synthesizer and organ sections of the Multimonica II, capturing every setting and register for each note on the original instrument. After fine-tuning and seamlessly looping the samples, we rebuilt the Multimonica II within virtual samplers for use in your music.
For the synth section, you get the true sound of the analog instrument with huge improvements in control and stability, way beyond what’s possible with the real thing.

For the accordion section, we modeled the change in sound that occurs when adding more air to the reeds while the volume remains constant: the Kontakt scripted version of our library gives you complete control over such tonal changes.

Multimonica II contains:

  • 205 stereo and 350 24-bit mono WAV files
  • 8 multisampled synthesizer settings
  • 5 multisampled accordion-style registers
  • 2 programs for NI Kontakt 3-5 with scripted performance controls and GUI
  • 14 programs for Kontakt 2+
  • 20 programs for EXS24
  • 13 programs in SoundFont format

The total size of the library compressed is 345 MB.
All formats are included when you buy Multimonica II

This library does NOT work with the free Kontakt Player!

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Download PDF manual

Download the manual in PDF format here!

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Felix Petrescu“I’m very fond of Hohner brand. Our music teacher from primary school used to teach us songs with a Hohner melodica, it’s called “triola” in Romania, my first serious harmonica was a Hohner too and when I started to work and earn money, I bought a green Hohner melodica only for myself, and I love it.

Until these days, I didn’t know that such a hybrid strange instrument as Multimonica ever existed, such interesting and rare concept, and a hardware synth that is probably way too expensive for my indie musician pockets. I was very interested and eager when I’ve heard that Precisionsound will convert it to a virtual instrument, with all the nifty and juicy details and imperfections of the original instrument, resulting in a lush complex organ with warm analog-ish character and rich features.

As I can see now, their result is successful and they even extended the original instrument with an extra FX section that helps you to transform an accordion into Boards of Canada-like pads or a simple organ tone into a fuzz guitar.
A good instrument for a lot of musicians: retro nostalgics, drone lovers, analog organ lovers, accordion players and soundtrack composers. Velvety tones that soothe your ears, an instrument that will be abused in our upcoming album.

Felix Petrescu ( Makunouchi Bento ) – Multimonica II


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