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Royal Reed Organ


For NI Kontakt

Bulgarian Tupans


For NI Kontakt

German StreichPsalter


For NI Kontakt & Logic EXS24

Praktik Cittra No 6


For NI Kontakt

Baby Cabinet Organ


For NI Kontakt & EXS24


Frequently Asked Questions


Precisionsound is a sample library developer based in Sweden with collaborators from all over the world.

In addition to selling our libraries on the Internet since 2003, we have licensed material to other companies, for both hardware and software instruments.

Precisionsound sample libraries can be heard on everything from local radio commercials to Oscar-winning Hollywood movies and hit songs.

Our goal is to deliver sample libraries that will:

  • Boost your creativity by offering realistic digital replicas of classic instruments, electronic and acoustic, without the boundaries of hardware.
  • Amaze you with sonic material that goes beyond traditional instruments.
  • Inspire composers at any level, from hobbyist to professional.

All Precisionsound sample libraries are compressed in the RAR format.

Rar is a format to make it easier to distribute large files or groups of files as one and make the complete package smaller in size.
Our libraries contain hundreds, sometimes thousands of smaller files to build the complete sample library so it's necessary to compress it into one that could be distributed easily.

If you use a PC you can download WinRar or WinZip to decompress the RAR file, after decompression you get a folder containing all the files that are part of the library.
If you use MAC you can decompress RAR files with the default decompressor that comes with the Safari Web browser or download the free version of Stuffit Expander.
Check the quick start documentation supplied with the particular software if you are unsure about how your decompressor program works.

Stuffit Expander (MAC):

After payment, you will get a link, or multiple links if you bought multiple products, in your mail. Just click the link(s) and the download(s) will start immediately.

You will get emails for every product you have purchased with a download link and one email containing a link to the invoice for your total order.

Please keep these emails safe in case you need help to get your purchase later, for example in case of a hard drive crash. If you don't get the emails
please check your SPAM folder.

Each download will be available for 7 Days.

In addition to the number of days available, our system will track access by a unique machine. If the file has been accessed from too many unique machines,
the access will be blocked.

It's important that you do not share the download links with anyone. Sharing download links is a violation of the license agreement.

Optional backup discs of your order are provided in addition to download links for your purchase.

The discs used to depend on the file size of the order. If you order fits on a CD, you will get a CD. If the order is bigger in file size, you get a DVD or multiple discs.

You will not get a fancy box with printed artwork etc., just backup discs. There could be multiple sample libraries on the same disc if they fit. You will NOT get each product on a separate disc.

We are selling digital downloads of our libraries primarily, and the CD/DVD option is an extra service for you that we have outsourced to http://www.customcd.com/

No problems.

just contact our support and supply us with something so we can search for your order, email or order ID number, etc. and we will reactivate and send you the download link(s)

Yes, you can get a refund if you by accident bought a library that you already have a license for.

If you supply us with proper information about the first purchase so we can track your order and find that you already have a license we will pay you back the money for the latest purchase of that particular library.

Normally we don’t refund because we sell virtual goods and you can’t send them back…
If you are unsure of anything regarding our libraries, read the product description and if you still have questions, contact us before you make a purchase!

Please do not initiate a "charge back" or "dispute" against an order without contacting us to solve the issue first, to avoid violating our license agreement.


No, they only work in DEMO mode with the FREE Kontakt player. You need the full version of NI Kontakt.

Most of our libraries include simple NKI files that work with Kontakt 2 and above. The scripted version needs Kontakt 3+ and in some cases, you need Kontakt 4+.

Requirements are clearly stated on the library product page under the Description tab.

You should load the NKI file(s) through the NI Kontakt file browser tab, rather than through the library tab.

In the Logic folder of your Logic installation, you should have a "Sampler Instruments" folder. In that folder, you can create your own folder(s) with your own naming and hierarchy and place the .exs file(s)
The corresponding WAV files for the libraries could be placed wherever you like on your C: disc.

You can also place the WAV files on another hard drive but if you do, make sure that you check the preferences in EXS24 so the program searches for files on other discs than the main disc only.

Read our small tutorial about .exs files here:
EXS24 files in Logic

The SoundFont versions are 100% compatible with all virtual samplers supporting the SoundFont format like Logic EXS24, HALion, Kontakt, Dimension Pro (Cakewalk), and Free SFZ player, NN-XT (Reason), iPad, iPhone with a SoundFont player app and more. Check the manual for your Sampler/Sampleplayer and if it works with SoundFonts (Sf2) our Sf2 libraries will work.

SoundFont also works with many major hardware workstations, it depends on the amount of RAM you have installed in your workstation.

If you like to know more about the amount of RAM needed for a specific SoundFont library, contact us.

Yes, you can but you need to download and decompress the RAR file on a MAC or PC first and after that, you should transfer the SoundFonts to your iPad/iPhone.
There are different ways to transfer your files, here are some tips: