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Baby Cabinet Organ


For NI Kontakt & EXS24

Bulgarian Tupans


For NI Kontakt 5

Praktik Cittra No 6


For Kontakt 5

Royal Reed Organ


For Kontakt 5

Folk Lute Guitar


For NI Kontakt 5


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Naeshult Table Piano

NI Kontakt & EXS24

The Naeshult Table Piano is a curious and charming crank-driven instrument from the nineteenth-century, an oversized music box with a table for a body.

Bolivian Panpipe V2

Kontakt, EXS24, HALion & SoundFont.

Bolivian Panpipe have been seamlessly looped and contain lots of velocity layers for a natural sound.

Gefle Bells

NI Kontakt, EXS24, HALion & SoundFont

Gefle Bells is a unique sample library recorded in the Bell tower at the city hall of Gävle in Sweden. Each of the 36 gigantic bells has been sampled with care to catch each bell characteristic. Each bell has a very rich series of harmonic tones witch makes each bell quite unique.

Indian Santoor

NI Kontakt, EXS24 &HALion

The Indian Santoor used in this sample library was carefully crafted in Delhi, India. It has 31 notes in units of 3, resulting in a total of 93 strings. You will surely appreciate the full resonance and the crystal clear character of the sound generated by this instrument.


NI Kontakt 4+

Tranzitone combines the sounds and features of a transistor organ, a string machine, and an analogue-style synthesizer. Twenty-nine simultaneous registers, including five dedicated bass registers, allow you to build up complex sound textures unlike anything else around.

Gospel Drawbars

NI Kontakt & EXS24

Our goal with Gospel Drawbars has not been to make a generic virtual recreation of a drawbarorgan but to capture the character of a unique instrument, in this case one of the first ever Hammond organ models made, a Hammond AB from the late 1930s.

Nordic Psalmodikon

NI Kontakt, EXS24 & Soundfont

The Nordic Psalmodikon is a single-stringed instrument with a haunting tone, captured in multiple articulations for cinematic and creative music production.

Country Harp

Kontakt & EXS24

Our Country Harp is an autoharp with individually sampled strings. It is a kind of zither with a precise and intimate tone suitable for folk music as well as cinematic and fusion styles.

MBira bva Zimbabwe

NI Kontakt & EXS24

The Mbira, shorthand for Mbira dzavadzimu or “voice of the ancestors”, is an instrument that has been played by the Shona people of Zimbabwe for thousands of years. It’s also the national instrument of Zimbabwe.

Greek Lira V2 – Kementze

NI Kontakt & EXS24

The Kementze is a Turkish/Greek instrument, a three-string fiddle of Persian origin.The Greek Lira V2 Kementze makes it easy to access the articulations via key-switches, and provides legato (Kontakt 3+ version only) for more realistic playing and programming.



Stingers 1 is a “must have” if you are working professionally with trailers and jingles. A money and timesaver with a top of the line sound quality and versatility.

Moldova Concert Cimbalom

EXS24, HALion, Kontakt, Kontakt 3, Kontakt 4, Kontakt 5

This concert Cimbalom was made in Republic of Moldova in 1990, recorded by Igor Iachimciuc, who is known as one of the best Cimbalom players/composers in Moldova.

Finnish Concert Kantele

NI Kontakt, EXS24 & HALion

The sound of the Kantele is unique and useful in many music genres, both for strumming and arpeggio style playing and melodies. The Finnish Concert Kantele is a 36 stringed, A#0-A#5 concert Kantele recorded in stereo in 4 velocity layers and 4 round robin layers per velocity layer.

Angelic Vocal Pads 6

Kontakt, EXS24 & SoundFont

Angelic Vocal Pads 6 is a collection of ethereal pad instruments for music production and sound design. Unlike most choir libraries, Angelic Vocal Pads features multiple voices from a single singer layered in each vowel.

Alpine Concert Zither

NI Kontakt, EXS24, HALion & Sf2

The Alpine Concert Zither is a very common instrument in Alpine Europe but rarely heard nowadays in modern music. We have sampled both the open strings and the fret board strings and a lot of sound effects made by the zither.

Ukrainian Bandura

NI Kontakt & EXS24

The Bandura is the national instrument of Ukraine. We have sampled a 55-string Bandura made by the Chernihiv factory in the -1980-ties.